Interior Walls


Changing the colour of your walls is a great way of updating the look of your home.


Try Dulux smooth Luxurious Silk Matt – it is ideal for busy areas of your home because of its hardwearing wipe-clean formula, allowing you to wipe away spills and dirt easily, keeping that ‘just painted’ look for longer.

If you’re going the wallpaper route, here are a few tips to get it right first time…

  1. Remember that a vertical pattern makes a room look taller, a horizontal pattern makes it look wider and a smaller design creates the illusion of space too.
  2. Roll the wallpaper out and lay it flat 24 hours before installation.
  3. Make sure your surface is flat, smooth, clean, porous-free, dry, moisture resistant, primed and damp proof. (If not, Dulux may be able to offer a paint to help!)
  4. Allow an extra 50mm at the top and bottom when cutting and make sure the pattern matches up to the previous length.
  5. Draw a ‘t’ at the top of each length as a reminder as to which side is which!