Alcolin Clear B/C 50ml

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ALCOLIN CLEAR ADHESIVE is an exceptionally easy to apply, quick-drying, all-purpose clear adhesive. It has been designed to give good adhesion to a variety of household materials and possesses excellent aging properties.
Uses / Applications: Excellent sag resistance and ageing properties. Acid free. Dries clear. Non stringing and Quick drying. Does not wrinkle or warp paper. Quick repair adhesive. Ideal for DIY projects. Used on the back of photos for scrap-booking and photo albums. Perfect for use in decorative applications, handicraft and school projects. Ideal for bonding security or alarm cables to walls. Other Information: Should not be used on painted or polished surfaces. Not suitable for use on some plastics, like polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene plastic, rayon and acetate fabrics. Should not be used for the repair of pottery handles or any items that may contain hot liquids. Ensure that at least one of the two surfaces to be adhered, are porous
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