Alcolin Crack Filler Exterior 10kg

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ALCOLIN EXTERIOR CRACKFILLER is an off white cement-based product designed with anti-slump properties for repairing, filling, sealing and weatherproofing cracks. It contains additives, which improve both water resistance and workability.
Uses / Applications: Smooth finish, Low shrinkage. Fills up to 10mm gaps, Excellent workability. Good sanding and painting properties. Ideal for weatherproofing. Suitable for interior and exterior applications. Ideal for interior and exterior. Repair cracks and cavities in vertical concrete, stone and cement rendering or masonry block surfaces up to a width of 10mm. Other Information: Not suitable for repairing structural faults (foundation movement). Not suitable for the repair of small blemishes or indentations (will dry too fast). Not suitable as a skimming plaster. Not suitable for repairing cracks on flexible surfaces – use a more flexible crack filler such as ALCOLIN LITEFILL OR ALCOLIN FLEXIFILL.
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