Bostik Evo Stick Plumbers Mait 750g

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EVO-STIK PLUMBERS MAIT EVO-STIK PLUMBERS MAIT is a non setting, waterproof sealant for joint assembly and was particularly designed for spigot and socket joints in sanitary fittings. As it remains permanently flexible it is able to withstand vibration and some degree of movement. Therefore, it is ideal for use in places where the traditional hard setting sealants would crack and fail. Adhesion: EVO-STIK PLUMBERS MAIT exhibits excellent adhesion to metal, PVC, vitreous enamel and ceramics
Features & Benefits: 100% waterproof – creates a watertight seal. Permanently flexible – non hardening, will not shrink or crack. Ready mix – fast and easy to use. Excellent adhesion – bonds to a wide variety of surfaces in the building industry. Non hardening - good flexibility. Solvent free – safe to use. Can be overpainted. Applications: Sealing of spigot and socket joints in sanitary fittings e.g. use in place of traditional wax based pan seal rings. Sealing of spigot and socket joints in soil and vent pipes. Bedding in of sinks and vanity units prior to final sealing with a silicone sealant. Sealing of gutters and downpipes. Sealing of sanitary joints subject to vibration / small movement. Used as a general purpose non setting bedding mastic. Installation of sink wastes. Placing fittings where a waterproof seal is needed. Providing a seepage seal in non-pressurized situations. Limitations: Stains in direct contact with bitumen. Only use next to bitumen if the staining will not be a problem. Product may harden if used on porous surfaces as the oils are absorbed into the surface. Not recommended for sealing of high movement joints. Do not use where strength from the sealant is needed e.g. guttering needing the sealant to strengthen its position.
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