Caltex Gear Oil EP5 85w140 20L

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Thuban® GL5 EP 85W-140 is a high performance, multipurpose, thermally stable, EP automotive gear lubricant formulated with “clean gear” technology for applications where API GL-5 and/or API MT-1 performance is required.
Benefits: Reduced maintenance costs Extended gear equipment life Prolonged oil service life Application: Automotive hypoid gear differentials operating under high speed and/or low speed, high torque conditions where API GL-5 performance gear oils are required or permitted. Heavy-duty, non-synchronized manual transmissions where API MT-1 performance gear oils are specified. Automotive steering gears where API GL-5 performance gear oils are permitted. Not recommended for manual transmissions other than as mentioned above except where the manufacturer explicitly allows the use of API GL-5 performance oils.
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