Tassburg M8 Hexagonal Nuts Galvanised Pack 25

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A hex nut is a six sided nut that fastens screws and bolts efficiently and securely. They are the most common hexagonal fastener that has internal threads that screw on to the shank of a bolt or a hex cap screw. Because a hex nut has six sides, they have good granularity angles for tools to utilise. It takes one sixth of a rotation to obtain the next side of the hexagon and grip is optimal. This makes them great for those tight spots.

Features & Benefits

• Hex nuts are available in a variety of sizes • They are also available in different finishes and materials

• Offer an easy fasten and loosen experience for the users

• Accessible from a 360 degree angle because of their dynamic shape

• The hexagonal shaped nut makes it easy to work with and is versatile

• Steel full hex nut, bright zinc plated

• Grade 8
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