Cemcrete Permastop Accelerator 1L

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Cemcrete Permastop Accelerator 1L, Crystalline waterproofing treatment


  • Resists extreme hydrostatic pressure from both the positive and negative side of the substrate
  • Resistant to aggressive chemicals i.e. oil, salt water, alkalis, certain chemicals, weak acids and aggressive sulphate soils
  • Becomes an integral part of the substrate - deep penetration
  • Self-mending when punctured or torn and is not subject to deterioration. It is therefore permanent.
  • Does not require protection when backfilling
  • Can be applied to moist surfaces
  • Can seal static hairline cracks
  • Increases the strength of concrete by up to 30% dependent on quality of original concrete
  • Waterproof but not vapour proof
  • No VOC’s
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