Jojo Tank Vertical 10000L Royal Blue

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Jojo Tank Vertical 10000L Royal Blue Water tanks

JoJo’s 10 000 litre Water Storage Tank is a favourite in our vertical tank range – the familiar upright tanks that require proper installation and need to remain stationary once full.

Note: Vertical tanks must be installed on a sound, level and smooth surface. Level paving will suffice, or a properly designed tank stand. Alternatively, a concrete plinth needs to be built, ideally with a concrete bed at least 85mm thick and 100mm wider than the diameter of the tank.

Product Benefits:

  • Made with the best food-grade, quality virgin LLDPE
  • UV-resistant & BPA-free
  • Food-grade, black inner lining prevents algae growth and keeps water fresher for longer
  • Greater thickness of polymer at the bottom of the tank provides additional support where most needed
  • Closely spaced ribs add strength at the bottom of the tank
  • Suitable for domestic, agricultural, commercial & industrial use
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