Alcolin Vinoseal Coating Aluminium 5L

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ALCOLIN VINOSEAL is a ready-to-use, liquid vinyl maintenance waterproof coating system, which dries to form a non-toxic, flexible, plastic film that is waterproof.
Uses / Applications: Durable, tough and UV resistant. Resistant to fungal (mould) and bacterial growth. Same day waterproofing. Can be applied when rain is imminent. Can be used where water ponds e.g. flat roofs. White ALCOLIN VINOSEAL can be tinted to make other colours by using universal tints. ALCOLIN VINOSEAL is ideal for the maintenance and waterproofing of flat and pitched roofs, garden ponds,etc. When used with a membrane, ALCOLIN VINOSEAL will waterproof cracks and joints. Good Adhesion. Adheres to most building materials i.e. plaster, concrete. etc. Other Information: Must not be applied to damp surfaces or while it is raining. Do not apply to fresh plaster or concrete, unless primed with a thin bitumen solution. Plaster and concrete should be at least 1 year old. Should not be over-painted with enamel paint. Not suitable where there is a negative water pressure e.g. on the outside of a concrete water tank.
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