Alcolin Wood Glue Waterproof 280ml

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ALCOLIN WATERPROOF GLUE is a one-component professional-strength, waterproof polyurethane adhesive specifically designed for assembly work and for use with hardwoods, softwoods and non-flammable building boards
Uses / Applications: 100% Waterproof, Fire resistant. Outstanding versatility and Ideal for all interior and exterior applications. Excellent for bonding dissimilar substrates. Tough glue line offering good sandability and durability. Unaffected by finishes, Long open time to assemble parts. Fast setting time – short press times, increased output. Gap filling, Epoxy like strength. Suitable for oily and exotic woods. Can be used for water-resistant and weatherproof bonding of wood-based materials, stone, ceramic, insulation materials and concrete. Suitable for applications below the waterline, making it ideal for marine applications such as boat building. Ideal for interior furniture with frequent long-term exposure to running or condensed water and high humidity e.g. saunas. Excellent for bonding composites together, such as polystyrene to metal, wood to metal, plywood to concrete, stone to tile, etc. Other Information: Not suitable for structural applications below the waterline.
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