Dab Submersible Pump Only 2.0HP 127M Head S4-4/19

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Dab Submersible Pump Only 2.0HP 127M Head S4-4/19 The DAB S4 are a 4 inch multi-impeller borehole pumps for clean water, designed for water boosting, gardening and irrigation, lifting water from boreholes in domestic and residential, civil and commercial applications and irrigation systems also for agriculture.
The S4 pumps must be installed in wells with a diameter of at least 4", or in tanks or cisterns and it increases the pressure of water that can then be used for example to water medium or large gardens or (in the case of models with a greater flow and head) in irrigation systems in agriculture. Cost-effective construction ensures low cost, high efficiency, better performance and reliability Abrasion-resistant construction, floating impellers ensure optimum resistance to abrasion Delivery port and suction support made of precision-cast stainless steel, guarantee resistance to corrosion, durability and a sturdy coupling to the motor The hexagonal pump shaft guarantees an effective impeller driving Non-return valve fitted at discharge to prevent backflow and alleviate water hammer, thus safeguarding impellers and diffusers made from ABS material
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