Glue Devil Double Sided Tape 3x24mmx1m 50-TAPE6323

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Double Sided High Bond (HB) Tapes are high performance, super-strong double-sided bonding tapes, with a foam-less glue carrier and characteristic red-liner. Glue Devil HB tape provides high-strength adhesion, with an almost "weld-like" permanent bond between substrates.

Glue Devil High-Bond tapes offer:

  • Excellent adhesion grip
  • Great weather resistance
  • Rain and water resistance
  • UV Resistance (sun exposure)
  • Higher temperature resistance

Glue Devil HB tapes help complete one or more steps in the assembly process of many products and buildings. Perfect for bonding: Glass, Metal, Painted, surfaces, Painted/sealed wood & concrete, Plastics, Outdoor applications, etc.

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