Varta Lantern Led 3W Indestructible Beam 4C

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Built to survive - the Varta Consumer "indestructible" line captivates with its robust and durable construction. Modern LEDs ensure reliable long-lasting luminosity in all Indestructible lamps. Designed to be as durable as possible, the lamps easily survive falls from a height of up to 9 meter, depending on the model. Whether you are a runner, camper, mountain enthusiast or a crafts-person - the Varta Consumer Indestructible portfolio has the right light for every occasion. Other possible areas of application include: the workshop, garage, caravan, boat, car, shed, garden or construction site, as well as indoor and outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, hiking, climbing, hunting, walking the dog, household repairs, cave exploration, emergencies, and power failures.

Box Contains

  • 1 x Varta 3W indestructable beam lantern
  • 9 metre (30 ft) drop test performance
  • 1 Watt high performance LED, custom optics and two light modes
  • Rubber head and tail cap--shock absorbent, aluminium titanium alloy toughness
  • Impact resistant internal engineering, "protected" tactical tail cap switch
  • Includes four Varta High Energy C batteries
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