Our range covers all your building essentials, from foundation to roof!

Gypsum Products

Gysum ProductsWe ensure we have these products in stock all the time.

  •  Rhinoboard
  • Rhinoset
  • Rhinobond
  • Covebond
  • Cornice

Construction & Waterproofing

WaterproofingOur range covers all your building essentials.

  • Brickforce
  • Bitumen Putty
  • Polysheeting
  • Flash Harry
  • DPC



CementWe stock PPC cement country wide for its superior strength and reliability.

  • PC15
  • PC10

Steel Door & Window Frames

Steel Window FramesCommercial and residential steel doorframes and window frames for external and interior uses are available. We carry all popular sizes of steel window frames and will order any special needs you require. We will not compromise on quality. We ensure we only stock reliable brands in this category.

  • Door Frames
  • Window Frames



GlassWe cut and supply glass to your requirements, and stock standard sizes and mirrors.

  • Clear
  • Obscure
  • Laminated
  • Cut sheets
  • Putty
  • Glass bricks

Fibre Cement Roofing

Fibre Cement RoofingWe stock the full range of endurite sheets, as well as, fibre cement ceiling and fascia boards.

  • Nutec
  • Asbestos


Steel Roofing

Steel RoofingSteel roofing is durable, low maintenance and long lasting – a great choice for every home. We stock standard lengths in corrugated profile and will arrange IBR and chromadek cut to your  requirements.

  • IBR
  • Chromadek
  • Corrugated