We are the specialists in head to toe protection – whatever safety equipment you need for your environment, we stock it.

Eye/Ear Protection

Ear&Eye Protection

Come and talk to one of our staff who can advise you on the right protection to meet local regulations and keep your workers safe.

  • Spectacles
  • Goggles
  • Earplugs
  • Ear Muffs

Head and Face Protection

Head & Face Protection

Help and improve your safety standards at work with our range of top quality protective equipment. A wide range of hard hats and face protection products. Don’t under estimate the value of protecting your intellectual capital.

  • Hard hats
  • Face masks




A range of styles, colours and sizes are available to meet safety regulations. We stock the quality “Wayne” gumboots, with and without steel  toe caps, to suit your needs.

  • Gumboots




Hand Protection

Hand protection

We stock gloves for a variety of domestic, industrial and agricultural requirements . Let us give you a hand in protection!

  • All gloves
  • PVC
  • Leather
  • Nitrile

Overalls, dustcoats & work suits


A wide range of colour and sizes are available. We only stock quality cotton and poly cotton.

  • Standard
  • Reflective
  • Poly cotton
  • Cotton


Respiratory Protection

Respiratory ProetectionMake sure your employees can breathe safely with our range of masks and catridges that ensure good air quality. A critical protection we take seriously. We stock protection masks and respirators and cartridges that protect peoples lungs whilst they work.

  • Dustmasks
  • Cartridges



RainwearMinimise the danger and discomfort of working in rain with our selection of rainwear. A great range of colours and products available.

  • Rainsuits
  • Raincoats
  • Poncho’s


Safety Boots & Shoes

We have a wide range of top quality footwear to suit your style and environment. We are also the major distributor of the highly regarded Le Maitre footwear.

• Boots
• Shoes