Raise the Roof!


Before the rains come, it is a good idea to check the flashing around the seams of the roof, look for any damaged tiles or shingles and remove any branches that hang over your home.


Flash Harry – One Shot

is an easy to use Acrylic waterproofing system, used with Stitch Bonded Polyester membrane it is ideal for all contractual and DIY applications. ONE-SHOT is suitable for waterproofing on metal, iron, tiled and timber pitched roof applications.


Dulux Roofguard

is a colour-fast roof paint that is fade resistant, resists peeling and flaking, has excellent adhesion and is easy to wash. Dulux Roofguard is for application to suitably primed galvanised iron, fibre cement and cement tiles. Although essentially a roof paint, it can also be applied to other areas such as side cladding, galvanised iron, garage doors, gutters, downpipes and garden pots.