Solar Geysers


The Solar Geyser is the mainstay of the Halsteds range of solar water heating solutions. The sun’s rays are absorbed when they hit the glass tubes and that energy is converted to heat energy.
The hot water from the tubes rises and the cold water in the insulated main tank goes into the tubes, this cycle continues until all the water in the solar geyser is heated. Not only that, it stays hot until you are ready to use it!

Heating up water accounts for 40% of your electricity bill. Installing a solar geyser literally means you are getting FREE hot water! You start saving from day one. The Xmpla by Halsteds solar geysers are of the highest quality with tubes with 2.2mm thick glass making them hail resistant. The main tank which is highly insulated uses no-weld technology so it will not rust! Solar water heating is the most cost-effective way of ensuring that you can still have a hot bath or shower everyday – even if there is a power cut. A solar geyser is the only appliance that will generate FREE, clean energy while preserving the environment and saving you money!