Toolbox Essentials



  1. Long Nose Pliers: These are used to bend, re-position and cut wire.
  2. Combination Pliers: Invaluable for everyday tasks such as gripping, twisting and cutting.
  3. Claw Hammer: Ideal for knocking things together and apart. The curved claw can be used to pull out nails
  4. Shifting Spanner: Great for gripping a wide variety of nuts of different sizes.
  5. Flat Blade Screwdriver: The tip is shaped to fit the driving surfaces—slots, grooves, recesses, etc.—on the corresponding screw head.
  6. Philips Screwdriver: An essential hand tool that has a cross shaped tip to be used on Phillips head screws.
  7. Craft Knife: Used to cut many different materials.


Got 5 minutes to kill?

Check out ‘Suzelle DIY’ on YouTube for some great hints and lots of laughs…