Water: Waste Not, Want Not


Every garden owner wants a lush and healthy lawn, with thriving shrubs and flowers.
How you water is important though in order to conserve your water supplies and give your plants the maximum benefit. Water as much as necessary and as little as possible. Gardena can simplify this for you with their automatic irrigation system and moisture sensors.

jojo-tanksJoJo Tanks are made using only the best quality virgin food grade materials (good enough to eat off so good enough to store your water) and all tanks carry a five-year guarantee.



Remember, one leaking tap can waste more than 2000lt a month. Prevent taps from leaking by turning taps off tightly and replace washers on leaking taps. Similarly, check the flush valve washers in your cisterns as a defective washer can result in water losses of up to 5000L a month.

Walls: keep water out of them!

Paint is not just for the aesthetic appeal of the home – it also acts as a protective layer against the elements. If you use Dulux
Wallguard for your exterior walls, it will help repel water from the surface as well as release trapped moisture from the walls through a unique dual action hydrophobic mechanism. Not only that, but it is prevents mould with a patented Mouldex technology too. Dulux Wallguard also has a great colour range with a durable dirt-shedding suede finish.